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Raw material


GOURMET NUTRITION is a GMP certified manufacturer of quality herbal extract and natural ingredients. We provide herbal products of the highest quality to serve our customers in Nutraceutical, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Food & Beverage Industries. 

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This wide range of Herbal Powder and Powder extract's quality and efficiency is 100% guaranteed. 

These powders are free from any synthetic additives, colours, harmful chemicals or pesticides to make our powders natural, pure and safe.


Our clay is naturally dried in the soft heat of the sun which concentrates its assets. Our clay comes back to life in contact with water that stimulates mineral salts. We draw from the earth's pure ressources. 

Several varieties are available.

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Food yeast, Lecithin, Protein

Finished products 


We have several herbal mixtures or unique ingredients. We have these formats packaged in 1.55 kg. It is possible to sell these ingredients under your trademark.

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Available empty in several formats


GOURMET NUTRITION F.B. INC offers a distribution component to Canadian retailers and around the world. We have a representation service that offers impeccable customer service. We have several varieties of natural and eco friendly products available for sale to the stores.

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