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"We want to help you make your business more successful"

Our dedication is to provide Natural Ingredients, packaged products and full processing and packaging services to the Nutraceutical, Natural Supplements and pharmaceutical industries.

We are proud of carrying only the prime quality botanicals and other natural ingredients

coming from all over the world.

Since 1988, Gourmet Nutrition sells prime quality ingredients to customers in the nutraceutical and food industries worldwide. We supply cut and powdered herbs, botanical extracts and other natural supplements, assuring that they comply with Canada's Natural Health Products Regulations and the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) . We manufacture natural health products in capsules and herbal teas in bulk or in teabags. We carry a large selection of these under our house brands Phytovie, Kami and Herbxtra.


We can manufacture your own blends and formulations, according to your specifications. We also do private-labelling. We distribute a variety of specialty items to meet our customers’ demands.

If you need a distributor for your products, please feel free to contact us.

Gourmet Nutrition is an establishment that complies to the Good Manufacturing Practices defined by Health Canada as measures designed to ensure an effective overall approach to product quality control and risk management. They do so by setting appropriate standards and practices for product testing, manufacturing, storage, handling and distribution.

This implies :

  • Controlled environment (precise control of the pressures, temperatures, humidity and dust) with positive pressure corridor and production rooms.

  • HEPA terminal filter

  • Each production room is thermostatic controlled and the pressure adjusted in order to avoid cross-contamination; class 100,000

  • The raw materials, the packaging materials and the final products are rigorously controlled in order to assure the conformity to their specifications; the tests and the assay are done by independent laboratories

  • All manufacturing steps are strictly controlled according to the Good Manufacturing practices

  • High technology equipment


The management of the quality assurance system is maintained by highly qualified personnel.

For information on the Natural Health Products Regulations consult the Internet site of Health Canada, the Natural Health Product Directorate:


Francine Breton.png
Francine Breton
President C.E.O.
Diane Auclair
stephane chenier.png
Stéphane-Y Chénier
Sale director | Export
christine roy.png
Christine Roy
Customer service manager
serge breton.png
Serge Breton
Vice President
melissa breton.png
Mélissa Breton
General Manager
Elizabeth Donaldson
Assistant controller
Corinne Sturbois
Sales and Retail Business Development

Mélanie Chabot, B.Sc. 

Quality Assurance Director and Regulatory Affairs

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